Q&A with Luci


What foods are on your table for your last meal (food and drinks)?

Pizza, Pretzels, Figs, Potatoes, Caviar, Foie Gras, Truffles, Champagne

Who are you drinking with (dead or alive)?

Anthony Bourdain


Favorite country or city?



Favorite time of day?

Dusk….preferably with a view and a cocktail


Travel Splurge?

As an adult I started with Jewelry, fun jewelry but it was easy to bring home. The older I got the fancier the pieces got, yikes!  The good news is I wear it , enjoy it and think of each trip. 


Favorite part of traveling?

The memories, laughs and pictures


What inspires you?

Everyday!  Everyday is a new experience, so keep your eyes open and look around.  You can be in the same place but see something different to inspire you.


What is your traveling secret?

Packing! I love the challenge of getting everything to fit!  As a kid my mom’s rule was “take what you can carry” so I have always been able to get a lot in my suitcase.