7132 Silver Restaurant

Dinner at 7132 Silver Restaurant under the direction and culinary skill of Head Chef Mitja Birlo was not good, it was fantastic!

If you go to Vals, be sure to go Wed-Sunday when this restaurant is open and make a reservation. Not only was the food delicious, but it was beautiful, wonderfully presented, paired perfectly with wines, and a staff who were attentive and informative about every detail including information about ingredients which were all pretty much sourced locally.

Our dinner began with “snacks” of Fennel salad, a cheese puff with elderflower, choux pastry with mustard and red pepper, brussels sprouts and beef with onion.

The bread was a course and potential meal in itself, the Blaugelbe Stein Potato bread with sour cream butter. The bread was served on a bed of potato “chips” which were also flavorful and lovely. The butter was scooped like ice cream and as delectable. My mouth waters thinking about that bread and butter!

Dinner was several course including Caviar packaged in little “purses” with cucumber and kohlrabi; Char with dill and nasturtium; asparagus with whey and polenta; Swiss peas with chicken skin and egg yolk; Beef Tartar with forest herbs and potato; Celeriac with dried beef; Mangalica Pork with black leek and salty lemon. The cheese course was gruyere with apricot and nettle followed by sorbet and a barrel aged negroni. Finally we had Hay ice cream with elderflower and then ultimately, we had petits fours.

Every course was presented with enthusiasm and knowledge. The descriptions were concise and the servers full of pride almost anxious for us to taste and applaud the creation made in their community of Vals.

The wines, sadly are unavailable in the US but really remarkable were the Swiss wines. The selection of wine pairing we exquisite; the crispiness and minerality of the whites and the light fruitiness of the reds matching the freshness of the food sublimely.

Then there was the view. You eat this amazing food and look out at the Alps. It’s truly incomparable.