Q&A with Danette

At the Chevre d’Or, one of my favorite places that I’ve been.

At the Chevre d’Or, one of my favorite places that I’ve been.

A familiar pose.

A familiar pose.

Vals, 7132 Hotel Restaurant Silver

Vals, 7132 Hotel Restaurant Silver


What are you drinking and with whom, dead or alive?

Champagne (Veuve Cliquot, Bicart Salmon, Cristal), with my friends. The Chateau Marmont, Hollywood lobby is a particularly cherished time, so that location would be great.

Favorite country or city?

Spain. No wait. France. No wait….Paris. No, Barcelona. Wait …. (you see the quandry).

 Favorite time of day?

Morning with an amazing cup of coffee, someone to talk to or my dog (who is often both).  

Favorite part of traveling?

Chatting about the day’s events over a cocktail with some snacks, usually in a fabulous hotel bar after a lot of sight seeing and fun.

 What inspires you?

People. Everyone has a story and inspiration. I like knowing what inspires others - I get a lot of energy from what other people know and do - it keeps me going. My friends inspire me a great deal - they are all creative and worldly and open to new experiences. 

What is your traveling secret?

Alone time and my own room! I’m really an introvert and I have to recharge in my own space, or I’m grumpy and withdrawn. A little private space and time works magic.

 Favorite meal so far?

 This is a hard one. Every trip, there’s something new and amazing. I think right now, my favorite meal was at 7132 Hotel Silver in Vals. The food was delicious and the wine pairings were unique and thoughtful. Also, the wait staff was incredible. They took time to explain all the ingredients, thought process and flavors in each dish. The view was also outstanding.